"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.
    Life is so endlessly delicious.
    " -Ruth Reichl


    Let the FABULOUS FOODIE VILLAGE Team be your trusted partner for Event engagement in your Food Truck and Catering endeavors as well as associated event management services. Our team will provide resources and many years of experience to deliver a unique showcase for your location. We have one of the largest collections of food trucks available to us than any other company in California. We bring an enormous assortment of Mobile Food choices as well as many other event partners and resources.
    FOODIE VILLAGE offers a special flavor of simplicity and finesse to your events to ensure all aspects of the event run smoothly.


    Placing an order from your groups table and having it “delivered” to you in a few minutes by your waitress without having to leave the enjoyment of your friends and family is just a small piece of what we will bring to the Foodie Village Experience. Launching sometime in Q4 is the highly anticipated BELLHOP Mobile App offering unique platform and newest technology in Logistics, Concierge and Delivery services. It brings a whole new concept to the worlds of Hospitality, Mobile dining, Special Events and Venue Management opportunities.


    FOODIE VILLAGE is an event management organization that focuses on delivering unique experiences through food trucks and carts, snack items and craft services, roaming vendors, entertainment and other related services to provide different and unique opportunities to connect and engage with the FOODIE VILLAGE guests.


    Have you ever been tasked with helping to coordinate your company’s summer outing or holiday party? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of details, vendors, decisions and contracts that go into managing an event. FOODIE VILLAGE helps to streamline the process and brings a wide variety of fresh ideas to the project. Creatives will want to visit our Partner Program page to learn how to get involved.

  • Services

    What We Do

    Concept and Design of your location/venue
    Menu Selection & Management
    Food & Beverage Management
    Budgets & Cost Management
    Itinerary & Timeline Planning
    Vendor Management

    The Overall Production Support

    From the Beginning

    Event Managers and Coordinators
    Timeline Management
    Vendor Management
    Manage Service Staff
    Manage Event Rentals
    Event Set-up & Clean-up

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